The Deity Mantra is described in Gayatri Meter (Gayatri Chhanda).

Gayatri is neither a Mantra, nor any goddess (a female deity)


'Oan Bhurbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargodevasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat.'
Oan = is the symbol of the combined form of the three deities-- Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh.
Bhurbhuvah Swah = symbol of Residences of the three deities respectively (Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh);

Bhuh = (that of Brahma’s residence);
Bhuwah = (that of Vishnu's residence);
Swah = (that of Mahesh's residence);
Tatsaviturvarenyam = the One who is adorable or woshippable by the Sun;
Bhargodevasya = on radiant deity;
Dhimahi = meditate;
Dhiyo = intellect;
Yo = by which;
Nah = our; (by which, our intellect)
Prachodayaat = be purified or be inspired for True Action;

The basis and proof of truthfulness of any object cannot be a customary conviction. If we take the example of so-called Gayatri Mantra, it will be clear as to what reality is. To say that the so-called Gayatri Devi is real on the basis of this proof that so and so Sages and Mahatmas have accepted it --- this cannot be any important ground and proof. This can never be so.

Gayatri is not any Goddess (a female Deity), nor is it a Mantra of Gayatri too.

After reading or hearing the present caption, those who are attached with Gayatri knowingly or unknowingly, shall be certainly feeling grief, because you have been chanting this mantra for a long time faithfully and emotionally been attached with it. Here it is suddenly and straightaway refuted by declaring it false. Here let me say one thing to you all, that I have no intention to hurt your faith and worship or to grieve you all. But what can be done if truth is like this alone?  Should I not place the Truth before you ? Doubtlessly, it is true that Gayatri is neither any Deity, nor any Mantra. Yes, Gayatri is certainly a Chhanda -- a Chhanda only as per the rules of grammar. Here, being sentimentally unbiased and indifferent, first try to understand by seeing and knowing it and raise a question that the cherished aim of the Mantra is female-dominated or male-dominated.

I would like to state once again that you all are well-educated scholars, you all are well versed in Sanskrit, so read this Mantra repeatedly -- without caring it seriously whether others say it right or wrong -- do its meaning and understand it yourself and then decide whether this Mantra (Oan Bhurbhuwah Swah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat !) is female-dominated or male-dominated ? Is the cherished goal of this Mantra goddess or GOD? Is this not the answer that the cherished goal of the Mantra as 'Oan Devasya' is male-dominated and the goal of the Mantra is not Devi, rather it is Deva (or Deity). Is it not most essential first to know rightly the goal of whose worship we are going to do? Who is the goal and what is he? So long as we do not know the cherished goal as to who he is and how he is, right he is or wrong he is, how can we start worshipping and praying to him? We cannot do, we can definitely not do!

1.      Is it not true that this Mantra is not meant for any Devi or Goddess, rather it is for 'Oan Deva' or Oan-Deity ?
2.      Is it also not true that the cherished goal of this Mantra is not female-dominated, rather it is male-dominated of 'Oan Deva ?
3.      Is it not correct that Gayatri is only a Chhanda (meter) and this 'Oan Deva Mantra' is written in this Chhanda ?

When the Mantra is masculine (male-dominated) of 'Oan Deva', where from did Gayatri Devi come? Is it proper and right that by removing 'Oan Deva', the cherished goal of the Mantra, and substituting Him with a photo or idol of an imaginary and false Devi (fabricated goddess) in the name of that Chhanda Gayatri, we propagate the same Devi? Is it not deity-opponence ? Now you read, know and understand yourself and then decide whether removal of Oan-Deva is not Deity-opponence or devilishness? Should it be accepted on the ground of such statements that so many Rishis have recommended and recognized it to be Gayatri Devi ? No !  No !! Definitely never!!! No matter by whom it is recognized or recommended, it should never be accepted if it is coupled with Deity Opponence or Devilishness. It should never be accepted at all. Because truth and reality can never accept it. Truth can never be abolished in the name of any tradition. Yes, tradition can easily be abolished in the name of Truth. Undoubtedly, if tradition has to be abolished in the name of Truth, there should not be any thought or contemplation. Because Truth is the Highest and above all and It should be like this. Dragging the names of Bramhaji, ShriVishnuji-Ramji-Krishnaji and saying that they had also recommended this Gayatri Devi, is totally false. If such things are stated in scriptures also, that is mentioned by such ostentatious and hypocritical so-called Rishi-writers like Shriram Sharma. It is due to the fact that any foul odor like deity-opponence cannot not be found theoretically or practically in behavior of Shri Vishnuji-Ramji-Krishnaji. Never, we can find! It is because Shri Vishnuji-Ramji-Krishnaji all the three were perfect Incarnations of ‘PARAMTATTVAM’-like-’AATMATATTVAM’ or the WORD-like-KHUDA-GOD-BHAGWAN. Therefore, one should not ascribe such misdeed of deity-opponence on these three and also on Bramhaji. Because first three of them were GODly Incarnations and the latter was Creator of the Universe. If per chance it is ascribed by any one's malafide effort, we ought sincerely to try to read, know, understand and adopt by removing it aside. Because, devilishness like deity-opponence is always discard able and Truthfulness and Supremacy are always acceptable.

On the basis of the above facts, you must have definitely known and understood that Gayatri is not at all any goddess, nor is it any Mantra, too. That is a Chanda only. Mantra is for Oan-Deva and the cherished goal of the Mantra is Oan-Deva. This is the Truth.

I would like to know from any one of Sanskrit language, whether or not Gayatri is a Chanda. Certainly they will have to say that this is a Chanda. Again, I may ask whether this Mantra is masculine or feminine. Certainly, the answer will be that this is masculine by nature. Then I may ask wherefrom this feminine Gayatri goddess did come? In response, they have no appropriate answer except dragging it worthlessly. Why is the society being reversed from the reality of the cherished goal of Oan-Deva Mantra by replacing it with imaginary and falsely so-called Gayatri Devi devilishly? Why is the Truth not being accepted by discarding their ostentations, fraudulence and hypocrisy?

Can Shri Ram Sharma or his so-called Gayatri-family reply to this question of mine whether they have not crossed all the limits of falsehood, ostentation and hypocrisy amidst the masses by preparing twenty four imaginary and false idols on twenty four letters of 'Oan Deva Mantra' like oan-devi, bhu-devi, bhuwah-devi, swah-devi, tat-devi etc. etc. in the Bramha Varchash Buiding at Haridwar ? Can there be any thing of greater devilish action like deity-opponence than this? Was there any such devil who has not been a devotee of Shankarji and Deviji and who has not become a deity-opponent? This is the only characteristic of devility-- to be deity-opponent and to be worshiper of Shankarji and Deviji. To propagate by making false and imaginary idols of false and imaginary gayatri devi in such a large scale --- to propagate in such a large scale -- to propagate in such a large scale that  no honour and existence of 'Oan Deva' should remain in the society. Is this not deity opponence like severe devility? Should we accept this misdeed on the basis that this is a Rishi tradition and great Seers and Acharya Pandits have recommended and accepted it ? No, no, never! If any Rishi tradition is against 'Truth' and anti Oan Deva, that must never be honored and accepted. The Devi who is founded on falsehood and imagination, how should she be worshipped? What is the gain in her worship? Will that very worship of her be not false and imaginary? If you are to worship, why not to 'Oan Deva' and His Grand Father as '‘PARAMTATTVAM’ like ‘AATMATATTVAM’, the WORD like ‘BHAGWATTATTVAM’ like KHUDA-GOD-BHAGWAN (Supreme Truth) ? All's Mercy of GOD!

------ Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans


  1. Right on Maharaj Ji, definitely the Gayatri Manta is the invocation of & prayer to the Param Brahman Himself!! You are absolutely right!! But if it is considered that a Devi may be conceived to be the custodian of the Mantra & one who grants easier access to one who seeks her grace before the Mantra itself is chanted, will it be a total waste of time?? Are there absolutely no records of any Rishi or Sage who has established & sanctified such a practice ?? Koti pronams...

  2. This so-called Sant gyaneshwar himself is a big fraud and had he been a true saint, he would not have criticized other saints of Hindus. Does he have the guts to criticize christian or islamic saints? Obviously not, because they would thrash him. Only because the Hindu saints are tolerant, he is calling them names. He calls himself an avtaar, so what is stopping him from destroying the false saints? He is a bloody faggot. Just look at his face and you would know.

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  5. You are trying to state that it is not a mantra but a meter? Are you kidding me? The gayatri meter and the gayatri mantra are totally different from each other. Mantra is the combination of syllables and meter is the law of combining those syllables in a specific manner which eventually results into a verse. The gayatri without the byahritis is called savitri. "Sah yan amum savitrim eva ambaha sa esha eva. sah ysmai ambaha tasya pranan trayate" (part of the 4th mantra of the 14th chapter of the 5th Brahmana of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad). Meaning- The teacher who accordingly initiates those students who have vowed asceticism- with savitri mantra, which is the equivalent of gayatri can protect the life force of those who are initiated. Are you trying the claim that even Lord Manu is wrong? In chapter two at verse number 79 the lord clearly states that the pranava, the vyahriti and the tripada are the elements of the gayatri mantra. A meter does not concern such demands! Who gave you the authority to meddle around with ancient rules and sages' decisions? Get your facts right, mate! And What the f* is a Oan? Devi Gayatri is the divine manifestation of that mantra. We don't worship gayatri by gayatri mantra rather we worship the consciousness of the ultimate reality which is dwelling in the form of gayatri inside the sun god. In a sense we worship the divine aspect of lord surya who has generated life in this world.


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